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Chapati or Rice, which is best for a healthy diet?

The age-old question for health enthusiasts: what’s better chapatior rice? This happens to be one of the most common concern of every fitness freak, while chalking out their diet plan as to which one is more healthy and has more nutritional value. Sometimes riceseems to top the list and chapatis seems to take the crown. Although both are healthy options under moderation, the question is which one is healthier?

But before bringing up the benefits, to really look at which one is better in terms of a healthy diet, we need to look at the nutritional value they provide. Both rice and chapatis have been an Indian staple for centuries, it’s our companion to every meal and without it, meals seems incomplete.

As people are turning health conscious day by day, every food product has to pass various quality checks to reach out to the final consumer. Hence, everything is carefully choose keeping in mind the food value.

Carbohydrates have been underrated for a long time. The misconception that eating carbs can only lead to weight gain is flawed. Recent studies have shown that a healthy dose of carbohydrates is important in a balanced diet, and fad diets that encourage you to cut off carbs completely should be avoided at all costs. So, are you also wondering which is best for a healthy diet? Chapati or Rice?

Here’s the comparison here is done between atta chapati and white rice:

Nutritional Value
There isn’t much difference when you look at these two staple food items. They are both around the same calories and are mainly carbs. To really compare them, let’s take a look at their macronutrients.

Rice: 1/3 cup of rice is 80 calories, which contains 18gms of carbohydrates along with 1gm of protein and 0.1gm of fat.
Chapati: 1 chapati is 71 calories, which contains 15gms of carbohydrates with 3gms of protein, 0.4gms of fat and 2gms of fiber.

Rice is easily digestible and rich in carbohydrates. The carbs give a boost of energy and because it’s easy to digest, it can be used to relive an upset stomach. Rice also helps in controlling high blood pressure due to its low sodium levels. It’s also gluten-free, therefore, it’s best for people who have gluten intolerance or suffer from celiac disease.

Chapatis, on the other hand, are richer in nutrients like Vitamin B, E, copper, magnesium, calcium, etc. Due to the iron content, it maintains the hemoglobin levels in the blood. Plus, it’s great for diabetics as it doesn’t increase blood sugar levels.The presence of extra protein and dietary fiber present in the chapati makes it a healthier choice. Chapatis make you feel full for longer and the hunger pangs subside by a lot. Although, if you are following a sodium-free diet, rice would be your best friend as chapatis are quite high in sodium.

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that both of these food items are great for you and for a balanced diet you should learn portion control and work them into your balanced diet, moderately.

Although, to answer the main question about, which one is a healthier choice, rice or chapatis