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How to Achieve *THIS* High Fashion Trend on a Budget: Matching Neutrals

This trend is chic, sophisticated, and easy for everyone to wear. Here’s how.

Welcome back to our High Fashion series – where we go over runway trends, show you which influencers are rocking these trends, and explain where/how to get the looks for yourself!

Last week we looked at the latest Shades of Yellow trend. This week, we’ll look at another color-based trend: Matching Neutrals . You can expect to see this trend all year round as it’s easily translatable between seasons.

HIGH FASHION TREND: Matching Neutrals

Neutrals are a staple of all closets and runways alike and are universal . However, the 2019 runways featured monochromatic neutral designs that we are loving .

Runway Examples:

First up we have Burberry , a brand that’s known for its neutral trenches, but was especially loving the khaki vibe this season. There were multiple designs in the collection that showcased monochromatic khaki outfits:

Max Mara is another respected designer that showed monochromatic neutrals this season. They promote the trend specifically on their webpage, calling it, “The New Neutrals.” You can find not only khaki in this collection, but beautiful hues of camel, beige, browns, greys, olives, and even rust (a nod to the retro mid-tones trend).

One of the biggest names in the industry, Tom Ford also approves of this trend. He created monochromatic palettes of platinum, black, and nude pinks on his runway.

Influencers in Matching Neutrals:

Kim Kardashian West is known for these types of looks. A quick look at her Instagram page shows that she’s a huge fan of monochromatic outfits in general, whether they’re hot pink or neutral.

Actually, the whole Kardashian/Jenner family was spotted in monochromatic neutrals, particularly platinum and nude, in celebration of the family’s reality show’s 16th anniversary.

Celebrity, and obvious fashion queen, Rihanna is all aboard on this trend. Here, we see her rocking this awesome ensemble with monochromatic cream:

Another fashion influencer who loves the trend is María Bernard . Below we see her in this matching white, sheer, ensemble with pleated det ail ing .

Sisters and fashion influencers, Shelcy and Christy rock their head-to-toe neutrals in a tinted blue-grey and cream-white:

How to Buy the Matching Neutrals Trend on a Budget:

Most of us already have some neutral pieces in our closets in the form of basics: tank tops, handbags, shoes, etc. But, let’s see some more options to tie a monochromatic neutral ensemble together!

Affordable Matching Neutrals, Outfit #1:

This first outfit is perfect for your last week of school or for your first day of the summer or fall semester. All black means you’re all-focused. All black is a great way to look sleek and professional , as well.

A pair of faux leather biker shorts, a half-tucked peasant top, and sandals are a stylish and comfortable way to get through the day!